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One gloomy day in Mobius a blue headgehog was walking threw the abaned memrorial. Which the blue headgehog was called Sonic the headgehog the fastest thing alive was still alittle upset because his best buddie Tails has died yesterday because they were fighting Dr.eggman from his evil shemes. Sonic: ~sigh~ why tails did you have to follow me? he said as he was walking. Then he saw someone that he think he knew. Her name was Alex and she was crying because tails was gone. Then sonic went up to her and explained her what happend yesterday.... ~flash back~ OH HO HO HO cried out docter eggman as he tried to get sonic and tails. Then all of a sudden tails was shot of one  of Dr.eggmans robots. Sonic just looked of what just happend he shed only one single tear drop and looked back at egghead. DOCTER!!! cried out sonic. Then sonic transformed into dark sonic and attacked eggman.Then eggman died too. Sonic tried to help his best buddie but it was to late. ~end of flash back~ Then alex gave sonic a huge hug and she ran off.Sonic did as well.Then he saw a black figure looking at him.Sonic looked back and gave a wave at the creature.But the figure didnt wave.Sonic looked puzzled. Sonic: UM HELLO?! then the creature was gone and was behind sonic! AHHHHHH! then sonic passed out. figure:Hmm you may look good but you are now my prisoner said the creature. But sonic didnt hear anything because he was passed out. Then sonic woke up and found himself in a huge dark living room full of pitures of blood and bats and even the creature he saw. Sonic looked at the paintings and smiled abit. Good your awake said the black headgehog. Sonic was a little frighting when he heard the vocie. Ummm yes i am said sonic. Then the black headgehog said well my name is shadow..and yours? Ummm my name is sonic the headgehog...Then shadow gave a evil smile and winked........TO BE CONTUIED ;)
well lets just say that when sonic lost tails his best buddie he found something else....could it be tails or could it be something else? read the story and fall in love with vampires and thier love :)
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May 17, 2013
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